The Male Solution #1 Choice for 2016 is Zenerx

Zenerx is our top pick this year for male enhancement. We made this decision based on the quality of the ingredients used, the length of the guarantee and the numerous customer testimonials. *

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Does it work?

Virectin is a male enhancement product made by Gentopia Laboratories, a nutritional company that does not seem to make any other supplements. The company seems to have gone a long way to hide where they are based or who works for them.

This hiding of information is somewhat common in this industry but can leave customers a bit worried as more trustworthy companies tend to be more transparent than this. It is also of concern because it makes it impossible to lodge any kind of official complaint against them.

The company uses very sexually suggestive images to sell their product, including photos of scantily clad women. This is not the most professional way of marketing a product, especially if the site is listed as family safe.

One of the claims made by the marketing for the product states it could make your penis larger, this is incredibly misleading. There is no product on earth that will increase the size of your penis.

Side Effects

The ingredients found within this product are all-natural and have been approved by the FDA for consumption by most people. We believe that for most users this product shouldn’t cause more than a slight flushing for the vitamin imbalance in your body.*

It should be noted that there is always the possibility that the product could react badly with any prescription medications you might be on. Also, if you have any preexisting conditions (such as a heart condition) please speak with your doctor before starting any supplement program.

Is it a scam?

This product may have a good combination of ingredients but due to the lack of audio or video testimonials. We wholeheartedly think you should continue on in your search for an enhancement product that best suits the needs surrounding your sexual health. Seek out products that go out of their way to provide transparency, medical endorsements, clinical studies, consumer testimonials, direct information regarding guarantees, and a customer care line for any potential questions you might have.

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Best Selling Male Enhancement of 2016

1Zenerx (455mg)

Quick Overview
Consumer Reviews:
Quality of Ingredients:
Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days  
Editor's Score 93 out of 100

We choose Zenerx as our top product for 2016 because of the company’s commitment to male health. They use only the best ingredients in their supplement, have a 90 day money back guarantee and triple test their supplement before it’s shipped. Oh yeah, it also works amazingly well.